Welcome to Aspirant Gaming. We are a gaming community based around FiveM and use whitelisted enterprise-grade servers with custom vehicles and scripts. Our primary mission is to provide a serious role-play environment where we use FiveM to role-play as emergency services personnel, civilians, dispatchers and much more.

This community is built upon five core values which are Integrity, Professionalism, Compassion, Accountability, and Respect. If you leave the Discord server, it is considered a resignation. Administrators and Staff will try to keep everyone on topic while in Discord or TeamSpeak, so when asked, move off-topic chats to the appropriate channel. Feel free to post or discuss in the appropriate channel, but understand you might be ignored.

You may not give out personal information about other members.

fivem vehicle blacklist

For Discord, check the pins in each channel before contributing to the channel. Illegal activity will be dealt with on a case by case basis -- likely immediate removal, permanent ban, and blacklist from our affiliates. You are NOT allowed to abuse any privileges that you may have while here. Act appropriately. We do not play politics with other communities. We have our own rules, our own servers, our own Staff and Admins, and a purpose. We as an entity are concerned about ourselves, no one else.

Furthermore -- we do not tolerate unnecessary drama of any sort. There is no place for it here, as this community is an escape from our normal lives to come and play games, and have fun together. You may not be in TeamSpeak while under the influence of alcohol, with the exception of specific events that would be announced in community-psa. FiveM Specific Rules: We have a double clanning policy in place. You may not join other Emergency Services role-play servers on FiveM. FiveM server connections are public, and we can use that public information to catch players on different servers.

Since our server platform is enterprise grade, we want our members to play on our servers. With that being said, we do not tolerate idle threats of wanting to leave our community so you can roleplay elsewhere; you will be removed without question.

A first offense for double clanning will result in a 7 day ban, to which you then may re-apply. A second offense for double clanning will result in a permanent ban, which can be appealed via Discord and a majority vote from the FiveM Staff Team. Returning to scene after injury, death, being taken to the hospital, or being taken to jail is not permitted.

If it is seen, it must be roleplayed.Name: Dinghy4 Hash: Cat. Name: Seashark3 Hash: Cat. Name: Speeder Hash: Cat. Name: Speeder2 Hash: Cat. Name: Submersible2 Hash: Cat. Name: Toro Hash: Cat. Name: Toro2 Hash: Cat. Name: Tug Hash: Cat. Name: Hauler2 Hash: Cat. Name: Mule3 Hash: Cat. Name: Phantom2 Hash: Cat. Name: Phantom3 Hash: Cat. Name: Blista2 Hash: Cat. Name: Blista3 Hash: Cat. Name: Brioso Hash: Cat.

Name: Panto Hash: Cat. Name: Rhapsody Hash: Cat. Name: Windsor Hash: Cat. Name: Windsor2 Hash: Cat. Name: Cargobob4 Hash: Cat.We offer advanced servers that have everything you need to start your own FiveM community and have fun with your friends. We also offer wide scale of custom FiveM scripts and vehicle packs so our Members can easily install them and use them on their servers.

If you are interested in our work you can visit our shop and check out products you can use to make your server better! If you have any questions feel free to ask us on our discord. This Script allows you to replace a vanilla GTA 5 radio station with your own.

You can have people reporting news on your radio and playing songs. This Script allows you to cook meth in a certain location. You can set the order in which ingredients can be put in along with what heat needs to be set to before putting it in.

This Script adds simple health, hunger and thirst UI with icons and changing colors, they change by status of your health, hunger and thirst. UI is in lower right corner. This Script adds weapon shop like in GTA : Online where you can buy weapons, change colors and features.

This Script adds you item into inventory and you can cuff someone then you can uncuff him with a key. This script allow you to give keys to your apartment to anyone on server so he can visit you anytime.

It is for max. This script is a UI Clothes Shop, in this shop you can change your clothes like hats, masks, t-shirts, watches, gloves, pants, glasses, ties, jackets, jewerly, backpacks, shoes, etc… It is in new menu. When you enter the circle marker it asks you if you want to open shop if yes, the menu will show up and you can change your clothes instantly.

This script add gym and statistic. You can work out, do situps, cranks, yoga, run, benchpress and flex on everybody around. Then you can working again. This script will let you rob any shop you set.

Do you think that you are a good thug? If you dont have our new ATM Robbery script we can tell you that you are not. So make it right and buy our new ATM Robbery script.

You can rob any ATM. All you have to do is sets coordinates of your ATMs then try it rob, you have to successfully complete the minigame and then you can enjoy the bad money. Do you want fight arena in your server so bad? We have a solution, With our new Fighting Script you can start your own fight club.

Did you ever wanted to send private message to your friend? We have a solution for you!Tags similar to Fivem gta5 gta pc roleplay romania five-m 83 server pl rp balkan discord role-play Flywheels Roleplay StayHome. RPG Get link Mute this server Report this server. Oldtown RP Community. San Andreas State Roleplay. We are a Fivem Roleplaying server. Our state is Texas. We offer a friendly family community with many people who have experience.

San Andreas State RP. We have support available whenever due to the different time zones. We do daily Roleplays, come along and join us, Our applications are in applications. If you feel like joining in on the fun, here's our FiveM server IP: We are a new whitelisted server.

For now we are lifting the requirements to join until we are able to hit 50 members. What we bring to the table!!! High ranking LEO positions 2. Recruiting staff 3. Friendly community 4. Active Staff and LEO's 6. Experienced RP players Please consider joining, thanks for reading this message. Boxville Role-Play. California State RolePlay. And we have doj scripts.

Launcher Leaks. Launcher Leaks is back after being deleted by Discord.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. About Hello all.

fivem vehicle blacklist

For my 40th release here on the forums, I thought let's make it something cool ish? So I introduce to you a Discord role Vehicle Whitelist! This is a nice simple script, easy to set up for people that can read. It allows you to guess? Make a vehicle whitelist based on a users role in Discord. This has been requested a few times so here she is, for you!

Fill out the config in IllusiveTea's Discord Role For Permission Scriptmake sure to include within the table the role you will use in the whitelist. Edit the server. Add both resources to your server. If you have any issues or comments please put them below. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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fivem vehicle blacklist

A Discord vehicle white-list script for FiveM. Lua Branch: master.

FiveM Weapon Blacklist

Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. FAXES 1. Latest commit dc96be5 Jun 16, Features Vehicle whitelist, based on Discord roles Easy config just read Drag and drop both resources into your server Fill out the config in IllusiveTea's Discord Role For Permission Scriptmake sure to include within the table the role you will use in the whitelist Edit the server.

Credits IllusiveTea for his resource If you have any issues or comments please put them below. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.The default permissions. See how the. Teleport line is commented out? That will deny that option in the menu. Note that you also MUST comment out the. All permission for a sub menu if you want to deny a permission. All permissions will always override every other option inside the menu to allow.

Setting up inheritance is definitely not hard, you just have to use your brain and some common sense.

Vehicle Models

I need to stress this again at this point. Each line inside the permissions. No, only 2. A parent and a child argument. Not 1, not 3, not 4. ONLY 2! Got it? I want to give group. Doing it correctly, it should look like this:. Note, inheritance works recursive. In the example above, group. If you have any questions, be sure to read the FAQ page first, then read this page again, then read this topicthen ask on the vMenu topic note that there is only community support on the forum topic because vMenu is no longer supported by myself.

Consider supporting me on Patreon! Menufor example are what you want to give to your players. Groups are called Princials Giving permissions to every single player would be a waste of time and just completely useless.

You can give permissions to a specific Principal, and add Players to a principal. You can also add principals to other principals, allowing a inheritance-like permissions system to improve your setup.

Important info when setting up permissions The default permissions. First of all, all changes you make to the permissions. This is because the permissions file only gets executed when the server is re started.

You execute the permissions.Servers Reviews. Discord Servers Fivem Discord servers tagged with Fivem. Tags similar to Fivem gta5 gta pc roleplay romania five-m 83 server pl rp balkan discord role-play Bumped recently.

Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 97 - of servers. Other Get link Mute this server Report this server. Why should you join Luxury Life Roleplay? Luxury life Roleplay consists of an economy system which you have to work to earn your money.

You will encounter serious life problems such as being fired from your job, being mugged, beat up and even killed. On the other hand you may be the person ruling the streets or possibly the CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

You may start a family and live in a beautiful house with luxury cars and beautiful Los Santos scenery. There are over realistic civilian vehicles in luxury life Roleplay. There are many different jobs that you may choose from to get you on the path of being a successful person. Have you ever wished of moving from Blaine county to the hills in los Santos. Luxury life Roleplay has a variety different emergency service departments such as Blaine County sheriffs office, Los Santos police department, San Andreas fire department, and San Andreas department of communications.

These departments have a variety of different subdivisions this makes it very interesting to serve your community in a fun and creative way. Join luxury Roleplay today and get started!

GTA Online l Any Blacklisted vehicle get sucked in

Join this Server. Community We also have a whitelisted vMenu server and ESX server in the works. Server One IP: Havok Role Play. RPG Games 8. Nocturnal State RP. RPG Games Nocturnal State Role Play Are you interested in joining a realistic roleplay community? Nocturnal State Role Play is the server for you. We are currently in development but we are open to allowing people to join the server and apply for departments as well as staff.

Nocturnal State Role Play is currently working out our last few kinks and we plan to release sometime next week. Nocturnal State Role Play are looking for the following. Teamspeak is fully developed. Why not Join our discord and find out what we are about!

From one of the Directors at Nocturnal State Role Play we look forward to having you join our server!